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System Audit and Analysis

Get a bird’s eye view of your whole environment, and alerts on critical Active Directory changes

Lepide Active Directory Auditing
Lepide intuitive 360º dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your whole Active Directory environment. Instantly see a summary of the total number of changes made to Active Directory, total number of changes per administrator, per source and even by trend to help you identify change/event anomalies. It also shows you critical information pertaining to the performance of specified servers to help you identify any potential continuity or performance issues. Lepide LiveFeed feature enables you to see all changes being made as they happen to ensure that you are constantly aware of what’s happening in your critical IT servers.​​​

Granular Audit Reports for Active Directory Changes

Rollback Changes

It’s inevitable that at some point a change will occur within your Group Policy that you did not intend for or want. Using Lepide simple, granular roll back solution, it enables you to instantly roll back such changes whilst leaving all the surrounding changes alone. You can even restore Group Policy Objects that have been permanently deleted from tombstone or with no last known good value.

Group Policy Changes Reports

Lepide offers a single log for a single change displaying who, what, where and when the changes are made. It then provides this data to you through more than 90 relevant reports to help you address all manner of compliance, security, and system management challenges. With every change, it shows you the original state to give you some overall context. All the reports are delivered on schedule through email in CSV, MHT and PDF file formats. These Active Directory audit reports can be shared with other users through a secure web console.

Choose from 1 of our 11 dashboards to help you easily keep track of Group Policy change anomalies. It enables you to instantly see which of your IT team are making the most changes to your Group Policies and easily drill down into exactly what changes are being made. Multiple, customizable dashboards complete with easy-to-understand graphs give you an instant overall understanding of your IT environment.
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